GNG Group is committed to continuously setting higher and higher industry standards in product innovation, service and quality and central to this is improving the sustainability of our business and reducing its impact on the environment over the next decade and beyond.

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Through innovative research and development with our partners and production team, we recently launched a sustainable mattress range that produces a fraction of the carbon footprint relative to regular foam based products. Our carbon-neutral mattress base is made from 100% recyclable British re-engineered Ecofoam™.

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Carbon Neutral

Having achieved carbon neutral certification in 2019, GNG will be equipping our new Normanton site with the latest low-energy lighting, solar power and electric forklift trucks, along with additional investment in machinery to maximise production and efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Carbon Off-setting

As part of our plan to reduce our carbon footprint across the business we have committed to planting a tree for each of our 100 employees each year. In partnership with Carbon Footprint, we have signed up to the UK Trees and Verified Carbon Standard off-setting through the Portel-Pará REDD project, which will offset 158 tonnes of carbon this year alone.