Mattress masterpieces: Komfi supports local art project SCRAP

Things Komfi doesn’t like? Uncomfortable mattresses, early morning alarms… and waste. Recent news stories have complained about the expensive recycling process for old mattresses, however Komfi is proud to be defying them. To reduce our environmental impact to an absolute minimum, we recycle in the most exciting and creative way possible. How? By donating our unused materials to local Leeds art project SCRAP.

Dreamt up by an arty team of do-gooders, Lottery-funded creative centre SCRAP proves that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure by encouraging local businesses to donate unused materials to their workshop in Leeds.

Cardboard tubes, fabric scraps, faulty springs – we were delighted when the SCRAP van visited our Yorkshire HQ to rescue our mattress-off cuts and whisk them back to the Tinker Lab, ready for local children, schools and art groups to transform them into something spectacular.

SCRAP hosts regular workshops and art sessions at its eclectic workshop in Leeds (click here to see the schedule), as well as creating art sheds jam-packed full of artistic second-hand materials at local schools.

Does your business have offcuts which could get the SCRAP team’s creative senses tingling? Click here to get in touch with the team today!

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