Post Protectors

GNG Group offers a wide selection of post protectors including fully bespoke/custom pads. All post protectors are manufactured in our Yorkshire factory in Wakefield. We only use high quality foam for our post protector cores and durable cover materials to ensure a longer lasting pads.

Foam filled Post Pads are a must have product for any primary school, secondary school, sports area and playground with children. These will help reduce the risk of injury. We produce round and square post protectors and specialised rugby post padding for many of the United Kingdoms leading rugby union and rugby league clubs including:

Our post protectors are:

  • Produced to order to your suit your requirements and specifications.
  • Square, rectangular and round formats available.
  • Our maximum recommended height is 2000mm as after this the pads are expensive to get delivered. Should you wish to order 4000mm we would advise ordering 2off at 2000mm each.
  • Easy and quick to fit using Velcro fasteners. Eyelets are available.
  • Available in a wide range of colours – colours may be mixed within one order.
  • Delivered in approx 3-4 weeks from order placement.
  • Available in special ‘U’ and ‘L’ shapes which can be fixed with self-adhesive Velcro, eyelets or Velcro straps depending upon the exact position of the posts adjacent to walls.

For any information on post protectors either phone: 01924 950300 or email us

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